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The Server game start
Hey all, I was just wondering. At start, it comes up with the website and all but it reroutes to a video, the videos can be extremely annoying especially when they are 5-10 minutes which has actually happened to me on a lot of occasions now, don't let me get you down the game is awesome and the servers are great especially for being there for us. But while playing the game at the start, when a new map loads up or I join the server, it is very difficult with these videos. I can try pausing them and clicking 'Okay' to continue onto the game but they continue to play, the problem mainly lies in that the videos don't lag my latency/ping but it lags my game as itself and makes it impossible to play running at around 10 frames per second and it has the video with 100% volume, making it impossible to hear people in teamspeak or even hear people's footsteps in the game if I am sneaking. The only problem really is that it is either too long or just a annoying occurrence, I understand that ads are required for ad revenue to keep the game/server running, I appreciate the server and all but something should be done because it makes coming onto the server undesirable and it'd be sad for a loss, I just would like something done, maybe like a limit on the videos or something otherwise I won't be able to come on and yeah. Thanks for your time, this seems a bit personal but other then the fact the videos are hard to understand through, even some friends have felt it but it would be lovely to see something done about it. Thanks for your time.

Videos should not last longer then approx 30 seconds max and I have never seen longer videos myself.

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