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Server-side connection issues
This has been a problem for a long time, but recently R_Yell seems to have put some anti-lag punishment into place on Break Bad and Team Shootout, so it's become more obvious.

What is it with Insydon servers and hiccups in connection? They happen at least every few minutes, and as other players have confirmed, are completely server-side. The connection issue causes glitchy movement, shots to not register for the duration of the hiccup, and other annoyances. What's going on guys? I've heard rumors that it's caused by too many srcds instances running on hardware not really powerful enough for it, is this true? It's getting pretty annoying.
The California-USA server does not seem to have any problems.
It has 8g of ram while only 1.1 is in use.
It has 4 cores @ 3.4Ghz and the load average = 0.68 wich is less then 20%

Last night I connected to a full server from Europe so with high ping and I had no issues at all.
Also when I connected approx 50% of all players where on the server for 30 minutes or more, not something you normally see if a server has hickups.

But just to be sure I updated and rebooted the whole machine 10 minutes ago.

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