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Insydon Servers Lagging Like Hell For Past 2+ Months
Fix your damn servers or pull the plug. It's ruining quite a few new player's experience when they join one of your servers that acts like it's being ran off a pentium and a few megs of RAM over a 56k modem... I've seen new players think the free game is broken to hell. Please stop ruining their experience, and fix your servers.
Or don't and continue to let your servers and incompetent mod(s) ruin your name.
Agree. they need to fix their shitty servers or just pull them off line so other competent servers can get some players.

I am convinced their servers run on shitty windows 3.1 servers they have laying around their moms basement.
so when are you dick weeds gonna stop running this game on your mothers old windows 3.1 server?
Different day, same bullshit.

When are you numpties gonna fix your stupid servers?

If ya not gonna fix em at least close them down so we're not forced to play on your garbage servers

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